The IEEE LAN/MAN Workshop continues its tradition as a leading forum for discussing the latest technical advances in networking in the local and metropolitan areas. The workshop will focus on three broad areas that are currently experiencing significant change and innovation. First, Local and Metro Networking, including the LANMAN mainstay of access and metropolitan networks, which remains ever evolving as it aims to meet the challenge of large scale and ubiquitous access and usage; But also enterprise and home networking where the distinction between data, voice and media continues to blur as networks carry a variety of existing and new applications. Indeed, LANMAN’s second focus area is Applications at the Edge, which seek to exploit edge network evolution. This includes reincarnations of traditional applications, such as IPTV and VoIP, as well as applications newly enabled by advances in edge networking, such as peer-to-peer, storage, gaming, ambient-technology, and wearable computing. Our third focus area is Wireless Networking. Wireless networks are more complex and vulnerable than their wired counterpart. Furthermore, the interaction of different layers and technologies create challenging situations that cannot be foreseen during the design and testing stages of technology development. It is therefore critical to perform comprehensive empirical studies in a wide -range of production environments to uncover deficiencies and identify possible optimizations and extensions. LANMAN seeks both theoretical and experimental contributions to these areas. Single-track presentations are planned to stimulate technical exchange among researchers and practitioners with a broad interest in networking. We expect the workshop to be a forum for discussion of new and interdisciplinary ideas on new architectures, paradigms, concepts, and economic and service models. Novel and speculative ideas are particularly encouraged. Furthermore, we would like to encourage studies based on measurements from real-life networks and testbeds.

Extended abstracts are solicited on any LANMAN topic including, but not limited to, the following:

* Broadband Wireless Access, including WiMAX
* WiFi: roaming services, Architectures & Performance
* Metropolitan & Residential Networks and Architectures including Ethernet in the First Mile, EPONs, FTTx etc.
* IPTV, video delivery and applications
* SANs and Storage over MANs
* IEEE 802 standards
* Optical WDM networks based on packet, burst, and flow switching
* RFid protocols & performance
* Topology adaptation, reconfigurability, routing
* Network management related to Edge Networks
* Heterogeneous Wireless and Ad-Hoc Networks
* Ubiquitous wireless, wired and remote access
* Adaptive wireless networks including cognitive radios
* Measurement, modeling and performance evaluation
* Cross layer QoS, dynamic bandwidth allocation, capacity placement/provisioning
* Network reliability and survivability
* Network security
* Pricing, multi-vendor interoperability
* LAN and MAN based applications
(gaming, distributed computing, media distribution to and in the home, enterprise applications, ambient technology, wearable-computing)
* Impact of sensors everywhere including homes

The 16th LAN/MAN workshop will be held from September 3rd to 6th, 2008 in dynamic growing city Cluj-Napoca, capital of Transylvania, North-Western part of Romania. The technical interactions at the workshop will be enhanced by the numerous activities and sightseeing possibilities in the famous Dracula's land area.

Submission, Review and Publication: Please submit a 4-6 page extended abstract, including figures and tables. All abstracts must be electronically submitted in PDF according to the guidelines in the workshop website

The proceedings will be published by IEEE Xplore and will include the final version of the Extended Abstract of up to 6 pages. Selected papers will be directed to a magazine or journal publication after the workshop.

Paper Registration (EXTENDED DEADLINE): April 4, 2008, 8 pm EDT
Paper Submission (EXTENDED DEADLINE): April 18, 2008, 8 pm EDT

You may submit also a 2-page extended abstract, including figures and tables for a Poster session. All abstracts must be electronically submitted in PDF according to the guidelines in the workshop website

Poster Submission (EXTENDED DEADLINE): May 30, 2008, 8 pm EDT



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