Syllabi 2022-2023

1st Year, 1st Semester

TM-E01.00 Advanced Systems for Multimedia Coding and Compression

TM-E02.00 Analysis, Synthesis and Speech Recognition

TM-E03.00 Advanced Software Elements in Telecommunications

TM-E04.00 Relational Databases

TM-E05.00 Ethics and Academic Integrity

TM-E06.00 Research Project 1

TM-E07.00 Research Activity/ Practice 1

1st Year, 2nd Semester

TM-E08.00 Advanced Computer Architectures

TM-E09.00 Methods and Systems for Image Analysis and Interpretation

TM-E10.00 Techniques for Speech Compression

TM-E12.00 Research Project 2

TM-E13.00 Research Activity/ Practice 2

1st Year, 2nd Semester, Optional 1

TM-E11.10 Advanced Techniques for Data Flow Coding and Control

TM-E11.20 Basis of High Throughput Data Transmissions

TM-E11.30 3G/4G/5G Mobile Communications

TM-E11.40 Audio, Video and Data Techniques

TM-E11.50 Quality of Service in Next Generation Networks

2nd Year, 3rd Semester

TM-E14.00 Biometric Security System

TM-E15.00 Database Design and Programming

TM-E18.00 Research Project 3

TM-E19.00 Research Activity/ Practice 3

2nd Year, 3rd Semester, Optional 2

TM-E16.10 Security in IT Systems

TM-E16.20 Security in Telecommunications Networks

TM-E16.30 Unified Communications in Cloud

TM-E16.40 Wireless Systems

TM-E16.50 Antennas and RFID sensors

2nd Year, 3rd Semester, Optional 3

TM-E17.10 Communication Technologies for Intelligent Transportation Systems

TM-E17.20 Development of Mobile Phones Applications

TM-E17.30 Planning of Radio Networks

TM-E17.40 Techniques for Information Secrecy

TM-E17.50 Cognitive Communications

2nd Year, 4th Semester

TM-E20.00 Research Activity/ Practice 4

TM-E21.00 Elaboration of Dissertation

TM-E22.00 Practice for Elaboration of Dissertation


TM-E23.00 Disseration Defending

Last update: 5 July 2022